After a month of development, Choqok 0.4 with bunch of improvements is now ready to use.

Major changes:

  • Support for all functionalities of “Direct Messages” implemented.
  • support for recognizing link of’s Tags and Groups implemented.
  • First run wizard.
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Notifications and Updating time-lines via system tray context menu.
  • Support for TightURL (a free url shortening service) implemented.
  • Bunch of known bugs fixed.

Also some of users requested features implemented, some of them are at minor changes section:

Minor changes:

  • The “Quick Tweet” widget will remember its size.
  • A global shortcut (Meta+Ctrl+C) sets for Toggle mainwindow visibility.
  • Support for using secure connections (HTTPS) is Back, it was disabled because the server doesn’t support it before.
  • Result of posting new status with Quick Tweet, will effect on system tray Icon.
  • Add “Mark All As Read” action to the File Menu. (Thanks to “Casey Link” for patch)
  • An “in reply to” link added to sign of reply statuses, and @USER links points to user account (Instead of main notice/status)

Download source code from here

Thanks to all users  that report bugs, and send their feature requests to me.