Choqok 1.0 alpha2, codenamed “Razi“, released with many improvements and fixes around previous alpha1. And it’s another big step toward Choqok 1.0.

What’s new?


  • Major change since alpha1 is search api implementation, that embedded in main window for better usage!
  • “Who is” dialog, that you can see it by clicking on usernames and select “Who is USER” is back with more information and useful actions:
  • You can Subscribe (Follow), Unsubscribe(Unfollow) to a user timeline or Block a user from within “Who is” dialog.
  • UnTiny function implemented as a plugin, that you can disable it if don’t like it. and It will schedule its works to make cpu usage less on startup!
  • Shortener plugin for added. (Felix Rohrbach)
  • “Open in web browser” symbol changed to ☛.
  • Option for changing “exclamation mark (!)” on group names, when re-sending a post added to StatusNet account config dialog, to prevent spamming on groups!

You can download source package from here!


P.S: Razi was a Persian alchemist, chemist, physician, philosopher and scholar. And today is his death anniversary!