I’m proud to bring you first Choqok 1.0 beta, a.k.a “Tulip“.

Long time passed after previous release, I know. The main reasons are some personal problems. BTW, Here it is:

What’s new in this release:

  • Many of reported and known bugs have been fixed.
  • Actions to subscribe/unsubscribe and block a user, added to User menu. (FEATURE:208126)
  • Choqok startup depends on count of posts shown in any timeline, So with help of Roozbeh Shafiee (ROSHA) an Splash screen added to Choqok.
  • There is a new feature in new versions of StatusNet/Identica (>0.9) That you can attach a file(such as image) to a dent. Support for this added to Choqok too.
  • Ability to select which timelines we like to have in one account.
  • And 2 new timelines for Twitter and Statusnet/Identica accounts: Public timeline and Favorites.(Their disabled by default)
  • View a conversation thread, as well as what we had in 0.6.6 version. (FEATURE:194031)
  • Saving search tabs on quit, and re-open them after restart! (FEATURE:221360)
  • Saving read/unread status of posts on quit. [by Daniel Schaal]
  • Show avatar of user’s posts at right instead of left! To distinguish them easier.
  • Optional ReTweet/ReDent prefix. (FEATURE:215855)
  • Configure and About options for shortener plugins!

New Plugins in this release:

  • ImagePreview” plugin to show a thumbnail preview for images. (Currently: Twitpic.com and YFrog.com are supported)
  • Twitpic” plugin to upload and share photos to Twitpic.com service!

New Shortener Plugins:

  • ur1.ca [by Bhaskar Kandiyal] (FEATURE:194064)
  • Yourls shortener! [by Marcello Ceschia] (FEATURE:221389)

You can download the source package here, or try binary packages that users and distribution maintainers will deploy.

Enjoy Choqok!?

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