We are proud to be with you for more than one year with Choqok.

As you know, Choqok is a free/open source application!

It’s development was fast before. But As you noticed, The development speed has been reduced for several months.

But we have a new idea to speed it up again, and have a great 1.0 release as soon as possible.

I have written 2 posts about this idea, and about how it works, and how users can participate in it. One that explains the idea and a newer that announces start of it.

In short:

  1. Someone starts a new topic in New Idea forum with information about what’s in his/her mind to be implemented in Choqok.
  2. He/She announces it anywhere thinks that interested people can find it (i.e. Identi.ca) to get here and help us in development.
  3. Then we (interested users and me) will discuss about it and it’s implementation and will set the donation amount it requires to be implemented.
  4. Now we have to collect donation for it: Anyone who wants to have that feature sooner (and likes to help to its development) can donate to it. He/She should note in donation comment about what feature/idea he/she donates to!
  5. When donation is about to reach the requirement, I will start to implement the idea, and it’s topic in forum will be moved to Under Development forum. still we can discuss about it there!
  6. And when its implementation is done! I’ll announce it there(in topic) and move topic to Implemented forum.

I hope to have a faster progress for Choqok, with your help.