We’re Happy to bring you a new Choqok version, a.k.a Choqok 1.0 Beta3 codenamed “Roller” (The bird). The fact is Twitter shuts off Basic authentication, So current Choqok is used by more users, and We think about it as our Stable release, And A stable release needs more fixes than a beta.

There are so many fixes and changes around latest Choqok 1.0 Beta2 such as:

  • Better nick name detection.
  • Better URL detection.
  • Fetching Friends List problems fixed.
  • UnTiny plugin can use untiny.com service instead of its generic way (Configurable)
  • Using the Choqok way to show repeated dents/tweets made optional (Default is Twitter way)
  • Confirm dialog for Re tweet
  • When KWallet isn’t available, Choqok will store secrets in text files (Not plain text, Base64)
  • Choqok 1.0Beta2 was needs kdelibs 4.5 , We changed this to work with 4.4 too.

And we have 2 new Url shortener plugins:

  • TinyArrows (By Andrey Esin)
  • Bit.ly (By Andrey Esin)

We were working on them in playground, and they are fully usable now.

Download source package from here. And follow install instruction in README.

Important note for Twitter users: You have to modify your account, and re-authenticate Choqok this time via OAuth.