I’m happy to announce Choqok 1.1 release, codenamed “Sizdah Be-dar“.

Choqok Translator Preview

It has two new plugins:

Translator plugin: for translating posts in other languages than our native one, (using Google translate service)

Quick Filter plugin: is a quick filter on choqok timeline, It’s developer “Farhad Hedayati Fard” explains:

Assume you have 200 unread posts and you don’t have time to read all of them! you just want to read posts of your friend “geek” or posts that are

about “April’s fools”! It’s difficult and time consuming to scroll down the

timeline to find these posts…  you can use the “quick filter” plugin to apply filters on post author or post contents! simply select “Filter by content/author” in the tools menu and you’ll have a text box to enter your search term. Tada! you have all you want right after you hit enter!

Other changes included:

You can get the source code package of Choqok 1.1 here, Or wait for distributions binary packages.

In addition to this release we have a bug fix only release for Choqok 1.0 for stable distributions and whoever just need the bug fixes. that you can get it here. (Choqok 1.0.1)


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