I’m really proud to announce Choqok 1.2 release, code named “Red Rose” and I want to dedicate it to my beloved fiance, Golnaz.

Choqok new UI

Choqok new UI

UI Design Changes

First change you will notice, is in user experience.

The idea came from my friend Bardia Daneshvar, and he was the one who implemented it. ( So, go and thank him for this change )

In previous UI we were using tabs to separate multiple accounts and again tabs were used inside accounts to separate timelines, but here there’s a difference between accounts and timelines representation in UI, and I liked this idea. (Also, We can always traverse between accounts via Ctrl+Tab in this design.)


StatusNet Changes

Another important change in Choqok 1.2 is some integrations with new changes on StatusNet, We now have a text saying in reply to @mtux, under posts that are reply to me. because StatusNet websites (including identica) are removing @mtux in dent texts by default.

Also when you click on reply to reply to someone, you can see a text like this under composer widget, and you’ll notice that this post will be a reply to someone.







We want to have more space to do important things, reading/writing posts and communicating with friends. So, here we have an option to have more space in Choqok window, you can hide menubar and see a button on the top right of UI that will give you more important actions to do.


Twitter Users

We have two simple but I think important changes for you,

Twitter is shortening every link you enter in your tweet, even if it’s already shortened, So, Untiny plugin will expand those links twice to give you the actual link.

Also there was an annoying bug in Choqok at direct messages support, is fixed.


Other Changes

There are some more changes in Choqok that maybe you don’t notice at all, like:



You can download Choqok 1.2 source code here, and build it manually. or wait for binary packages on your distribution package manager.

Soon, there will be some solutions for popular distributions in download page.



Just like before, you can donate some money and help us on Choqok development and keep it up and going forward.