Recently, We wanted to do some decisions for Choqok road map and what to do next? We found out that after more than 3 years, Choqok now has a growing number of users, But unfortunately we don’t have a good view of them? what distro, what desktop do they use? and what do they use and need more?

For example until now, Our expectation of Choqok users was that they all are KDE users. but recently I realized that we have Gnome users too. Or Until now, all of our efforts was for Gnu/Linux users, however KDE is available on Windows too, So how about Windows? Do we need to port Choqok there too?

So, We ended up that we need a survey to have better image from Choqok users community. And here we are, We prepared some questions that seems useful for those decisions, and here you can find and participate in the survey.

Please spread the word and tell your friends (I mean, Choqok users :D) to fill it up. I think it cannot take more than 10 minutes at all. So please help us to know your needs better, and have a better client.


Thanks for your cooperation.

Your Choqok team.