We are happy to announce release of Choqok 1.4.

Sometimes ago we had two bad news, Identi.ca service switched to pump.io software and dropped it’s API, so Choqok is no longer support Identi.ca service, but it still supports StatusNet websites, because StatusNet is not died. About Identi.ca support, right now there’s no one working on pump.io support as I know, so unfortunately there’s no promise on supporting it again.

And in Twitter land, they turned off support for API v1.0 which Choqok was using, and so with this update Twitter support is back to Choqok.

Changes for this release:

Once again, Choqok Icon and splash screen updated, many thanks to Shahrzad.

We haven’t any big change in this release, Just a new plugin which I worked on it long time ago, and of course it needs to have KDE notification support too, but with a later release. the plugin’s name is BetterNotify, which you can enable in plugins config page, and use it as described back when I developed it, in a blog post.

other changes are as follow:

Download Choqok 1.4

You can download Choqok 1.4 source code package from here. For Kubuntu users I hope Adilson will update his PPA.

Support Choqok

You can always support Choqok development via reporting bugs, promoting it, helping in code and donating money: