We are happy to announce a new release for Choqok after more than one year.

Big news about this release is that we now have a working plugin for pump.io service. thus Identi.ca users can continue using Choqok. and we kept the StatusNet (Now called Gnu Social) plugin, so self hosted Gnu social services are still supported.

Changes for this release:

I should thank Andrea Scarpino, Daniel Kreuter and Ahmed I. Khalil for their contributions to keep the Choqok up.

And here you can find a longer list of bugs fixed in this release.

Download Choqok 1.5

You can download Choqok 1.5 source code package from here. For Kubuntu users I think Adilson will update his PPA.

Support Choqok

You can always support Choqok development via reporting bugs, promoting it, helping in code and donating money:


** Regarding UnTiny plugin:

In this release we replaced the UnTiny plugin with a new plugin(Expand URLs via longurl.org) which works better.

but if you are upgrading Choqok from a previous installation, it’s possible that the UnTiny plugin being left on your system, and while they have no conflict with each others, it will be a waste of resource leaving them both to work together. thus I suggest you disabling the UnTiny plugin in “Plugins” tab of Choqok Configuration dialog.