Long time no see, Choqok users!

First of all Choqok has a new and shiny website. Kudos to Carl Schwan for taking care of the theme!

To me, version 1.7.0 was meant to be released more than one year ago, while I just released it today.

The main reason of the delay (a part from lack of time) is because I wanted 1.7.0 to be bullet proof (spoiler: it’s not).

I wanted Choqok 1.7.0 to have full Mastodon support, proper media attachments and a lot more.

Let’s try to start somewhere. With this version I want to close a Choqok era and prepare us for the next one. Stay tuned!

Changes for this release:

Thank to (random order): Andrea Scarpino, Nicolas Fella, Luca Beltrame, Luigi Toscano, Pino Toscano, Heiko Becker, Andreas Sturmlechner, Yuri Chornoivan for their contributions to keep Choqok up.

And here you can find a longer list of bugs fixed in this release.

Download Choqok 1.7

You can download Choqok 1.7 source code package from here. For Kubuntu users I think Adilson will update his PPA.

Support Choqok

You can always support Choqok development via reporting bugs, translating it, promoting it, helping in code and donating money.